System workings

A Flexible Marketplace

Buy how you want, when you want.

The Proxibid platform provides numerous ways for buyers to purchase in our Marketplace: timed auction, live auction, instant purchase and make offer. Buying in each format is a little different—let us break it down for you.

Timed Auction

Sellers offer items for sale over a pre-determined period of time—usually over several days or weeks.

Buyers place bids during the event and the highest bidder at a specified closing date and time wins the item. If a user places a bid in the closing minutes of an auction the Proxibid system automatically extends the bidding time frame, ensuring that the buyer willing to bid the highest always wins—no sniping here.

  • Bidding has a start and end date/time.
  • Items close for bidding all at the same time or one-by-one in equally spaced intervals—this is determined by the seller
  • All bids are submitted online.

Live Auction

Live auctions are physical auctions conducted at an onsite location with or without an onsite audience.

A live auction without an onsite audience is a live virtual auction. In both types, buyers can bid in different ways—on site, over the phone or online. Typical auctions on Proxibid use the ascending bid method, also known as an English auction. This method requires participation of a minimum of two bidders. The auctioneer calls for an opening price and buyers bid competitively in succession, raising bids usually by equal increments. The auction is over when no new bids are raised and the auctioneer calls “sold” or drops the hammer.

When an event or individual item is available for live bidding, you will see the “ENTER LIVE AUCTION” button. To place a live bid you must be logged in with a full account profile.

Proxibid’s online platform, Proxibid LIVE!, makes it possible for bidders to participate in real-time, competing against onsite and other online buyers. A real, live person operates the software and provides a constant stream of communication to online bidders. Buyers can ask questions about individual items or the auction itself. Live audio and video of the auction is available to online bidders when sellers choose to use this function. With Proxibid LIVE!, bidders from anywhere in the world have a front row seat at all auctions running in our Marketplace.

Can’t wait for the live auction? Place a prebid.

Buyers can place prebids on an individual item before it is up on the auction block. This is a convenience for bidders who don’t have time to watch the live auction. It’s simple. Just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, and our dynamic “Auto Bid” function will bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount. Should you become out bid, our system will notify you.

Instant Purchase

Proxibid’s Marketplace also offers more traditional ecommerce methods including instant purchase.

This method is just like it sounds. Sellers offer items to buyers for immediate purchase. There is no negotiating. It is a fixed price. Pay it, and the item is yours.

Make Offer

Sellers may also decide to accept offers from buyers on specific items.

If a seller and buyer come to an agreement on the price of an item in the Marketplace, then Proxibid connects the two and the transaction is completed. The traditional selling methods are not mutually exclusive—sellers may offer items at instant purchase only, or make offer only, or use both methods in the same listing.


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